Without Voter Fraud Pennsylvania Gubernatorisl Candidate AG Josh Shapiro Would Likely Not Have Been Elected


Shapiro was likely not legitimately elected the first time as he came into office by framing the former Attorney General as a coverup to the PORNGATE scandal. Pennsylvania has been infested with organized crime in its government for decades to the point that former Attorney General Kathleen Kane suffered the same type of attacks that have been ongoing against President Trump. She too was an outsider and exposed the swamp to the point of releasing thousands of pornographic and racist emails she found on government servers- sent between judges and lawyers – after her unexpected win in 2011. She was framed and run out of office by Josh Shapiro and his co-conspirators- who then was allegedly elected into the position- and who quickly buried the Porngate embarassment..

There has been no actual audits of any Pennsylvania elections in recent history. Recounts are not audits and the mail ballots from Nov. 2020 remain uncertified as to their authenticity- locked away by none other than Shapiro himself. While Shapiro is quoted regarding claims of voter fraud “Certainly if there was some, we would be on it immediately or our law enforcement partners would be on it immediately,” Shapiro said. “I’ve seen a lot of tweets about it, I’ve seen a lot of public statements about it, but we’ve seen absolutely no evidence of it.” Yet he has never provided any evidence that he ever looked to fraud. Why would he? He was a Democrat down ballot from Biden.

The insatiable envy of career politicians such as lame duck and former Republicans backing Shapiro for Governor- you have only to look at Senator Toomey who voted to impeach Trump for the January 6th protest- which in reality was justified as there was a coup against our legal President… and it is not Joe Biden. Everyone knows they cheated- even Saudi Arabia is laughing at how fake our elections have become.

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