Absolute Immunity -and I am Not talking about the Flu

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned.. and FB friends post pies while our court system infrastructure is in a moral bankruptcy. I love when people say “well, its always been that way.” Well, it was in Syria, Iran and Egypt until bloody revolutions broke out. Something that everyone needs to educate themselves on.. and it is the single most dangerous threat to future generations, but is alive and well in Amerika, is the bar association imposed protection for themselves of “absolute immunity” for judges.

In fact, it is a concept taken from the ancient monarchies of England which declares that “the king can do no wrong.” In other words, your teenage son can be pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and if the judge doesn’t happen to like you, he can sentence your child to jail, with malicious intent to harm your child. And even if it is determined that the judge acted out of misconduct- he cannot be prosecuted, gets to keep his place on the bench and still gets his pension.. While you will not only lose tens of thousands of dollars trying to bring your child home, but the suffering of your child will never be compensated nor will this lawyer wearing a black wizards robe sitting on a throne,, ever suffer any repercussions..

They have absolutely no threat of ever being prosecuted for anything they do in the course of a judicial process.. EVER. And this needs to end.. there is no place for Kings and Queens in a America.. And this why I have been actively supporting Andy Ostrowski for U.S. Congress. He was a Civil Rights lawyer who was suspended, because of his website pennsylvaniacivilrightslawnetwork.com and for his youtube.com/user/PCRLN1776 site, that addresses the court corruption.

The only way this will end is if the Federal government steps in.. and they last time they did this was back in the 60’s during the Civil Rights movement..when there WAS violence in the streets. So you can keep posting food while the rest of us fight the fight…so that your kids and grand kids might be able to still be protected by the Bill of Rights and have free speech and due process in the courts.. like we did when we were partying back in the 60’s and 70s. Because as of today- those freedoms no longer exist.

But there is one thing just as dangerous to our descendents as absolute judicial immunity…and that is apathy. And guess what folks.. this is another major Civil Rights movement..

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