RICO Action Filed Against Judicial Immunity in CA


Cole Stuart is a parent, lawyer, legal activist, former partner at a large international law firm, and a tireless family court reformer. Two decades of trial and appellate work in highly technical legal matters in state and federal courts, and numerous engagements with abuse of authority both inside and outside of the courtroom have honed an irrepressible dedication to equal justice and restraint of institutional power. He co-founded California Coalition for Families and Children with other divorced parents in 2009 to provide “litigant-side” legal support and advocacy and domestic dispute industry reform. In 2013 California Coalition filed a racketeering and civil rights lawsuit against family court judges, psychologists, and divorce lawyers in United States District Court for the Southern District of California. The case is on appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on key family court issues of judicial immunity and the legal adequacy of racketeering claims against the divorce industry. California Coalition has developed resources and tools for parents, children, the public, and the ethical lawyers engaging the behemoth divorce industry at a website, WeightierMatter.com.

Family Court Facing Historic Attack in Ninth Circuit-Additional Briefing Filed Today – Weightier Matter

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