Should Pennsylvania Senator Greenleaf Be Impeached?





 Montgomery County, PA

Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for over 25 years

He claims on his website that “As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I work to ensure that we continue to hold public hearings to guide policy responding to critical issues within Pennsylvania’s courts, law enforcement agencies and criminal justice system.  My commitment is to ensure the safety and security of all Pennsylvanians and to recommend to the Senate fair and balanced legislation that will deliver justice. “

The only thing green about this Senator are his pockets, apparently.  Greenleaf has been the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee  for 25 years.   Below are  Senator Greeneleaf’s contributors to his election campaigns which can be found on these sites. – All of Greenleaf’s contributors  are bar associations, large law firms and attorneys. I would think this would be recognized as a major conflict of interest in holding the position of Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Representative Matt Baker of Cumberland County has tried for years to get House Bill 717, to stop the fleecing of Americans through the  family courts.  The family courts are a $50 billion a year industry nationwide, full of collusion between ruthless judges and attorneys, that extort assets and destroy families.  The following is a link to what Greenleaf claims are his legislative accomplishments for court reform- not one item suggests or effects the oversight or profits of attorneys and/or  judges:

Court reform under Senator Greenleaf

If you are not familiar with the legislative process, it is not as democratic as most people imagine.  Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have Judiciary Committees.  A bill can start in either committee, however, each committee has a Chairman.  The Chairmen actually filter what bills the other committee members will even see. It appears Greenleaf  has been actively obstructing court reform the entire time. 

He claims he is going to hold public hearings?  In his entire time in office there have been no public hearings per se, and recently a dozen people called the Capitol to open the Judiciary Committee to public forums.  None of those people have received return calls.

I met with Greenleaf in 2011, and questioned his ethics.  I discussed my entrapment of eight years in court in his district,  but mainly he was talking about all the wonderful things he’s supposedly done- none of which even came close to real court reform.  I gave him the below list of items that are REAL court reform to read at his leisure, and a copy of two books- the Luzerne County Railroad (written by a friend before the Kids for Cash Scandal) and a copy of The Fraternity:  Judges and Lawyers in Collusion by a Superior Court Judge named John Malloy- who passed away in 2008.  If you have never read it you should.. it really puts into words the mechanisms by which  we are all being defrauded by the courts- it’s basically a death bed confession.

These amounts in the downloadable file below, are  those that were made public- but who can tell what other fringe benefits he has received over the years with this amount of powerful supporters.  His own son -Elliot Greenleaf Jr. has a law firm, where  the Senator quietly works..a clear conflict of interest as the Chairman of Judiciary Committee in Pennsylvania! His son Stewart Jr. is the Montgomery County Controller.  Its easy to win an office when Dad can fund your campaign.

The following is a link to his impotent Judicial Conduct Board reform bill– as grandstanding after the Kids for Cash scandal. I think Greenleaf could use some Viagra.




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