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Judicial Merit Selection Will Not Work

The merit selection is definitely NOT the answer to ending judicial corruption and ensuring impartial tribunals.  Merit selection will not stop backroom deals and other favors to get on the bench. The only thing that will rescue the justice system in Pennsylvania, from the clutches of the organized crime family that controls it today- is intense oversight in every county.
Ombudsman or civilian advocates, paralegals or other trained individuals who have NO AFFILIATION with the local bar associations,  must be given the power to carry out the … Continue Reading ››

Is This the Biggest Fraud Ever on Americans? Judicial “Discretion” Abused to Repay Campaign Contributions


C-Lawyer-Morally Since the early 1970s, lawyers have gained complete independence from oversight.   Increasingly, the unregulated, unlimited ability of attorneys to charge their clients by the hour, for as many hours a week as possible, has impoverished thousands, if not millions of Americans.  There is simply no escape from the propensity of lawyers to complicate and prolong cases. This is an abomination in this country. The members of every bar association have used this to trap litigants in the court system until they extort as much of their assets as possible. … Continue Reading ››

Should Pennsylvania Senator Greenleaf Be Impeached?


Its in his pocket… apparently. Greenleaf has been the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee for 20 years. Below are Senator Greeneleaf’s contributors to his election campaigns which can be found on this comprehensive site: CampaignFinance.org – All of Greenleaf’s contributors are bar associations, large law firms and attorneys.

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