Is This What the Judiciary Calls Equal Justice?




At America’s court of last resort, a handful of lawyers now dominates the docket

A Reuters examination of nine years of cases shows that 66 of the 17,000 lawyers who petitioned the Supreme Court succeeded at getting their clients’ appeals heard at a remarkable rate. Their appeals were at least six times more likely to be accepted by the court than were all others filed by private lawyers during that period. Read More…

Elite law firms spin gold from a rarefied niche: getting cases before the Supreme Court – 

These firms were involved in a third of the cases the high court accepted, Reuters found. When the justices agreed to hear cases brought on behalf of Big Business, top firms were involved 60 percent of the time. Read More…

In an ever-clubbier specialty bar, 8 men have become Supreme Court confidants

A Reuters analysis of high court records shows that a group of eight lawyers, all men, accounted for almost 20 percent of all the arguments made before the court by attorneys in private practice during the past decade.  In the decade before, 30 attorneys accounted for that same share.  Read More…


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