The Coronavirus Game


It was not planned, but it has become another tactic to try to insert communism into the United States by opportunists. If you think this artificially created “emergency” is anything else, you are delusional.   Tens of thousands die each year from influenza, and this “pandemic” is nothing more than the natural selection that occurs every year. Dr. Fauci of the  NIAID knows this, but is dependent on federal grants, so this is a windfall for him.

Since President Trump threw a wrench in the infiltration of the government by what is essentially organized crime, we have witnessed how determined and nefarious this faction has become. They are now trying to create dependency on the government for income, by destroying all the small businesses.

It is disappointing that Trump has pandered to any degree of this nonsense.  Has he lost his resolve to oppose these people at every turn or does he have something else up his sleeve? Thus far the infiltrators have been self-defeating.  The closing of businesses creates a domino effect that needs no explanation. However, this is a prime opportunity to rid the country of foreign misfits and forever stop the destructive immigration policies perpetrated by communists to destroy the country from within,

We were warned by a former Soviet operative, Yuri Bezmenov, in the 1980s, that ideological subversion was in full swing, which has resulted in the demoralization of several generations. That is now our biggest problem- it dwarfs the Coronovirus.  Our friends and family members are contaminated. The effects of the brainwashing cannot be reversed- and we cannot remove all the indoctrinated foreigners foolishly allowed into the country.

In 2015, the state of Pennsylvania witnessed a similar “coup” against its Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  She was framed and run out of office for exposing the swamp in a scandal called “Porngate.”  How soon most of us we forget. However, those of us who were victims of the public corruption have not.  We are witnessing the same crimes on a national level being inflicted  against our President

Power-hungry crazed fools like Nancy Pelosi, can and must answer to 18 U.S. Code § 2384.Seditious conspiracy. We need to stop pretending this is politics – it is not. How much more evidence do we need?

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