Montgomery Co. Judge Richard Haaz Fails to Disclose Conflict on Panel Against AG Kane



It may be old  news that Judge William Carpenter,  Senior Judge William Nicholas, and Judge Richard Haaz sat on the April 27, 2015 panel to determine if Carpenter’s ambiguous protective order was violated by Attorney General Kane. But while thus far, Judge Richard Haaz has remained under the radar,  it may be time to give him his place of honor in the Pennsylvania Courts Hall of Shame.

What has escaped the corporate-run media, is that it appears that Judge Haaz, who concurred on the opinion that AG Kane had violated the protective order, has a son that is an Assistant District Attorney, in the office where Frank Fina and Marc Constanzo now work for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.   From his Facebook page, it looks like ADA Sam Haaz is friends with the entire Williams family. This may have created a duty for Judge Haaz to recuse from his participation in the hearing against AG Kane.

The entire crusade to remove Kane from office was instigated by former OAG Prosecutors  Costanzo and Fina.  It was Fina that headed the somewhat lethargic prosecution of Jerry Sandusky , the notorius Penn State pedophile, under the adminstration of Governor Tom Corbett.   Upon assuming her office as State Attorney General,  Kane  discovered that Costanzo and Fina were exchanging masses of pornographic and racist emails with judges and other public officials on state servers – a debacle now known as Porngate.

DA Williams has been under scrutiny for not firing Costanzo and Fina, with pressure mounting from Senator Anthony Williams, the National Organization of Women, the NAACP and other members of Philadelphia government calling for their removal from office.

Rumor also has it that Fina and Costanzo handpicked Thomas Carluccio, Esq to be the very Special Prosecutor appointed to indict Kane.  Carluccio is the husband of Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Caroline Carluccio – who is also a past president of the local county bar.   Judge Haaz has been a member of that bar for  decades, along with former Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman.  It is no surprise that before Ferman left the DA Office to begin her first term as a county judge, that she decided to bring formal charges against Kane for  the allegations by Fina, that she had leaked grand jury information from a case that he had bumbled in 2009.  Really, the entire thing borders on childish.

General Kane has thus far remained relatively quiet about these details regarding the targeting of her by these porndogs, but today she released a very strong statement that  undeniably contains facts that should have been pointed out by the corporate media long ago:

“The fact that Justice Eakin was allowed to vote for a member of the panel empowered to hear and decide formal charges filed against him flies in the face of fairness,” Kane said in today’s 438-word statement. “That the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania saw no conflict in allowing the vote is even more troubling. But then again, Justice Eakin sat in judgment of my case and voted to suspend my license, even though he had a legal and ethical obligation to recuse himself, knowing I had some of his racially and gender offensive emails in my possession. It is exactly that kind of cavalier, business-as-usual attitude that I threaten by exposing the ‘hategate’ network.”

The panel’s decision was predictable to those that know all the players in this mad scramble to silence the General, who is the only public official that has ever had the integrity or courage to try to clean up the corruption in Pennsylvania.  The State has become an in international embarrassment with a history of judicial scandals.

Now Pennsylvania can add Judge Richard Haaz to the judicial buddy network.   The list just keeps growing. It is quite a testament as to the ridiculousness of the self-recusing and self-policing system that is full of nothing but self-serving characters, who have been inflicting their own version of justice on the citizens of Pennsylvania.

 In the face of all this – one has to wonder why Kane’s Attorney, Jerry Shargel- has not filed a Motion to Void the order that prematurely suspended Kane’s law  license and to  end this quest to indict her for what appears trivial in comparison to her major undertaking in the cleaning out of a very corrupt Judicial System, Anyone that has experienced the Pennsylvania Courts, will tell you that it is a legal industry focused on revenue – without a hint of justice to be found, unless  you can afford to contribute to the network.

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