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Montgomery Co. Judge Richard Haaz Fails to Disclose Conflict on Panel Against AG Kane


Africans Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000 Years 480 X 640

Pastor Manning (black) describes how black people have never built a city in all of Africa, due to low IQ, or Laziness. Though incorrect in saying white men had not set foot in Africa until the 1400s, the point he is trying to make, is valid.

PA Supreme Court Decision Should Be the Basis to Challenge Judicial Immunity and Self-Recusal


Pennsylvania is the state to watch, with its ongoing  major challenges  to  jurisdiction in our courts,  through what apparently started as a political agenda, against  the State Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is the first  and oldest in the country- the birthplace of democracy, with the most precedent set.   It is ironic that it is also the venue of one of the worst cases of judicial corruption in the country- The Kids for Cash Scandal;  and now that same Judicial Branch is  imposing its dubious power to try to  exceed their jurisdiction, and retain control of the government.

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