Defense Attorney Says Judges Knowingly Create Foreclosures in Family Court


Speaking on guarantee of anonymity, an attorney who does pro bono legal work says that the court system in Pennsylvania, is the precise cause of many foreclosures.

Many people that did not have financial difficulties before entering the litigation,  had their assets intentionally dissipated and homes forced into default by delays and abusive judges that ignore the law.  They further revealed that the state courts have been deliberately issuing constitutionally unsupported opinions, to seize personal assets.

According to this attorney, while the laws clearly provide the courts with tools to protect family assets during divorce litigations, judges have engineered “procedural rules” and “precedent,’ specifically to undermine federal foreclosure law. Since about 1980, these are  suspect individuals who have had their judgeships funded by foreclosure mills and other law firms that profit off the fleecing of families. They delay mortgage modifications and order  personal funds to pay lawyers, instead of allowing people to pay their bills.  They have assisted in seizing tens of thousands of homes, in processes that are no different than other racketeering enterprises. The attorney advises anyone contemplating entering the courts in Pennsylvania, sell your home beforehand if it has a mortgage. Otherwise any proceeds will be locked into escrow and wind up in the pockets of lawyers.

Pennsylvania is supposed to be a judicial foreclosure state- which means you should have the right to a counterclaim and a jury trial.  However, over decades, the Superior and Supreme Courts in the Commonwealth, have unethically and knowingly been issuing rulings that are used to violate the state Constitution’s guarantee of  jury trial.   It is very easy to rig a case when there is instead only a single judge, who the majority of times take homes using summary judgments.

Even if you file a Counterclaim for violations by the banks in a separate action  in federal court, the strong relationships between both jurisdictions have also compromised the due process we are supposedly all guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  Such bench decisions exist, again made without legislation since 1980, such as the federal courts will not interfere with a state court judgment.  They further have been dismissing counterclaims against the original plaintiff banks, many of whom  were fined for fraudulent practices  under the 2011 Department of Justice indictment, by allowing them to substitute straw companies,  as foreclosure Plaintiffs.

So even by the remote chance that you prevail in federal court, which does not happen unless you can afford an expensive lawyer,  they will still most likely take your home. These criminals that have been operating in the Commonwealth’s Court system for decades have covered every angle- and the homes are often purchased by realtors that are either family members or friends of these judges and foreclosure mill law firms.

Althought the media no longer reports on it, the foreclosure crisis is still in full swing.  To add salt to the wound, no one knows where the money went from the Department of Justice Settlement, that was awarded to the State of Pennsylvania.  There are outstanding Right to Know requests trying to obtain that information. In  many states such as California- law suits have been filed because the money went into the pockets of politicians, instead of the intended recipients that were damaged by bank fraud.  In a state that got an “F” from the Center for Public Integrity- what else would you expect in Pennsylvania?

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